May 14, 2014

The Varsity Bar


I'm back yet again with another food review post, I finally started to get my act together and I promise from here on out I will be releasing a new food review each week. However if you would like more frequent and daily updates - click my instagram and twitter links on the side bar and follow me there! 

Let's get into this now, shall we? 

American food is something I find to be rare here in Perth. Of course we still have KFC, endless burger joints and lots of Maccas for everybody.. but real southern style chicken and waffles, hearty double cheeseburger goodness and cheese fries? not so much. 

The Varsity Bar is all. about. just. that.


Double Cheese Deluxe, Tri Fecta, New York Strip & Chicken N Waffles

shared: Varsity Death Wings & Chilli Cheese Fries

The Varsity is located inside eatery and shopping centre complex - Broadway Fair (5 minute walk from UWA). They are open seven days a week from 11:00am til midnight! 

I love the concept - an American College style bar near one of WAs famous universities. They've got so many choices for food - burgers, steaks, ribs.. you name it they've got it! In line with the theme they've got multiple TVs showing the latest sports, ping pong and pinball machines as well. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed the food, the New York Strip was surprisingly good and the tri fecta.. aside from already looking like two days worth of calories in one feed was well worth that saturday lunch splurge. The downside was the death wings.. they weren't quite the type of spice I was used to and I think I can safely say I am not of a fan of tabasco sauce.

Aside from that the vibe was great, service was friendly, accommodating and fast!

return? YES!

love, louie!

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 all photos have been taken on fujifilm x10 and photographed by Louie from LOUMIS!]


  1. oh my gosh, I definitely have to try this place out!! :D

    1. aboslutely!! its down right the best american pub food in Perth ^_^