April 2, 2014

Public House Kitchen & Bar


On to my first review of 2014.

We decided to try a new place and after the opening night event I attended at Public House I wanted to go there for dinner! 


Starters: Avocado & Tomato Salsa w/ pink salted crisps and Empanadas (3)

Shared Mains: Green chilli wagyu ribs & fried garlic, mint and lime lamb ribs w/ coffee & honey sauce and Smoked lamb, crispy chickpeas & green onion.

Shared Dessert: Bitter chocolate, dulce de leche & crackle 

Drinks: White Wine Sangria - serves 2. 

The Public House is located on St. Georges Terrace, across from the Dome Cafe & the Duxton Hotel. They are open on Monday - Friday from 8am til late and on Saturdays from 4pm til late (closed on Sundays). 

Public House is all in all a nice venue with a creative menu however the dishes were unfortunately lacking in flavour and salt and the staff were a little incompetent from what we had experienced - overcharging us $30 - to our surprise he said we had ordered three empanadas when we had only ordered 1 serving with three on a plate. 

return? probably not.

love, louie!

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