December 13, 2013

tiger tiger coffee bar


apologies for my long hiatus yet again.. since my uni studies for year ended I was still really busy with work and family life and I haven't time to update my blog :-(

anywho! today me and my cousin had initial plans to start getting back into squash.. however we got into the city at 10am.. and it was like 38 degrees - we were melting so we skipped and brunch seemed like a better option hahaha so we walked around the city running some errands and we decided to go visit a cafe we hadn't yet dined at before! Introducing - Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar.

Food: Avocado & poached eggs on sourdough and baked egg with tomato ragu, chorizo and sourdough bread

Tiger Tiger is located on Murray St (inside the laneway next to Wolfe Lane) serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. On most days they are open from 7 am - 5 pm except for Friday nights where they close @ midnight! 

This was my first time going to Tiger Tiger because I would normally dine at the Secret Garden Cafe however we tried TT because the breakfast menu ran til 11:30am. The food in my opinion was average, I would say it was bad but its not the best. however my baked egg dish had heaps of chorizo in it!! (already satisfied at that point tbh) but we did notice that eggs were quite small.. a little sad. Overall I liked the old and laidback nature of the cafe and the dish was both tasty & filling!

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thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend everyone and to all my Perthians - stay cool.


photography courtesy of myself and the logo is from tiger tiger

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