August 5, 2013

weekend visuals

Hey everyone!

so.. I finally got around to sorting out some of my blog and uni stuff. From now on posts will come out every friday! My funds are running a little low these days so don't know how frequent i'll be going out but if its not a food review.. i'll post also about any online purchases I may have received, food recipes (I start my paleo diet come Monday) and my make up products.

This weekend I caught up with school friends, watched a movie (The Bling Ring) and did some cheeky make up shopping!  

lunch @ Uncle Joe's Mess Hall
afternoon tea @ Theobroma's Chocolate Lounge
Eyeko London & Smashbox eyeliners from KIT cosmetics
The Bling Ring directed by Sofia Coppola. Starring Emma Watson and Leslie Mann and based of real events. Me and Alex went to go see this at the local Luna Leederville cinemas! The movie was good and I'd say the imdb rating was about right. If you haven't seen it yet and you've been wanting to go, defs watch it! :-)
saturday night supper @ Foam Coffee Bar 

I had a fun weekend, except for sunday.. overslept a bit and started feeling very lethargic. Its now Monday and hopefully with a bit of help from my nespresso machine I'll get back into gear and be ready to start the new semester at uni!! ;-)

hope y'all have a great week

photography courtesy of film-social and myself

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