July 15, 2013

updates // hello


First of all I'm blogging from my phone. Long story short my Mac air crashed and I had to get the disk/ssd card replaced which Apple still covered even though my warranty ended 3 DAYS AGO. Incredibly lucky because the repair costed $946!!!

Good news is that I'm going to go pick it up tomorrow and I'll be back to blogging/job hunting/online shopping from my laptop :3 

I also get my exam results in a few days (extremely nervous)..... 

The brand ambassador program I've been apart of by amazing social networking site Posse ends this week (Justine thank you for all your help/support and effort!).

and today.. Finally got to have lunch at Uncle Joes and then tea at CNR!! 

My two favourite places in Perth, I'll be posting again this week about all my favourite finds of the month so stay tuned  (maybe another vlog????). 

hope everyone has a great week and talk to y'all soon ^_^* 

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