July 12, 2013

The Stables Bar

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Time for part II of tonight's blog posts!

Today for lunch Nikki and I booked a table for 2 at new-ish, The Stables Bar. Located in a lane way off Hay street and a few buildings down from Perth's Shafto Lane. We dined there really interested to try some of the things listed on their menu in particular their signature Stables Wagon Wheel dessert plate. 

The location of The Stables is great, not too far from the city centre and visually very well designed. We walked in to a packed out bottom floor, made our way upstairs for our reservation in main dining area. I love the decor, from the red brick lane way to the seating arrangements, wall art and lighting choices (hanging lightbulbs in particular). We sat down, keen as beans to try the food out. Unfortunately things for us from this point onwards were just pretty much down-hill. 

Starting with the service, one waiter dropped an ice cube on our table then proceeded to hide it behind the water vase and walk away. Another waitress approached our table about drinks. I was a bit lost and I asked her what flavour bitters The Stables had, her reply ??. Long story short she didn't know what I was talking about.. I wouldn't be so worried if this were a normal cafe however being The Stables and a rather pricey CBD food venue I expected staff to have manners and be knowledgable. The service problems hit one more time when it was time for us to order our desserts, a 15 minute wait to place an order when there are ample staff around is disappointing. I won't comment on the service any further but I hope they changed staff rules and regulations pronto. 

The food and drinks, I ordered the Coconut poached chicken, papaya and Thai basil salad and Nikki ordered the Chicken schnitzel, Italian coleslaw & parmesan. We also ordered hand cut chips with chipotle mayonnaise to share. The food arrived quite quickly (compared to the dessert) and we were very eager to dig in! 

I loved the flavours in the salad and the chicken was succulent with a subtle coconut cream taste and the complementing flavours from the papaya and basil made this salad a big treat to eat! The hand cut chips were also great, crunchy and the chipotle mayo was yum. 

Nikki ordered a cocktail - Warm Apple Pie, it was most definitely a winner. It tasted exactly like a warm apple pie minus the dollop of ice cream on the side. I also ordered a glass of the FEE Brothers, Aztec Chocolate Bitters w/ Lemonade - weirdly refreshing! Definitely recommend trying both drinks, you won't be let down! 

Nikki ordered the Chicken schnitzel, Italian coleslaw and parmesan. The coleslaw was tasty and loved the flavours... sadly the main part was dry, unseasoned and bland. A little bit of sauce to moisten the chicken instead of the salad's grated parmesan would have been much appreciated. 

Now onto the last part.... Desserts. 

Visually both desserts were presented stunningly and we could not wait to try them out. I liked the idea of the deconstructed wagon wheel and I was so interested to try it........ the berry sorbet tasted great full of flavour as did the crumble. However the dark chocolate ice cream and mini marshmallows hold a completely different story.. first of all the dark chocolate was salty not bitter, I struggled to finish it and the marshmallows.. w0w. I don't know if that was the point for them to taste somewhat smoky and burnt but it was not going down well with my taste buds.
Nikki ordered Crema catalana, sticky mandarin and mini Spanish doughnuts. the crema catalana was rich in flavour but a bit too runny, and the spanish doughnuts were sadly raw in the middle.. too bad because the outer part tasted good. 

The bill in total came to almost $100... and sadly I'd have to rate The Stables Bar a big overpriced miss and if I was going back I would definitely be dining there for dinner or just buying drinks from the bar. 

Photography courtesy of itsnikkipham and I

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again.. thank you so much for reading, hope everybody has a fabulous weekend. For all Perthians keep warm :-)

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