June 8, 2013


Hey everyone!!! 

This week I was hoping to take photos and videos and make a mini documentary of things I cooked this week which included: 

  • buckwheat pancakes w/ caramelised apples and a toffee sauce
  • crepes w/ salted caramel syrup
  • my new found coffee making skillz (lol im just kidding..........)
was also pretty excited about the a nepalese curry restaurant I went to on Friday night which was surprisingly very tasty.. such a shame both the location and front of the shop looks extremely off putting. 

With that being said I have just been too rushed and had not enough time to do anything because on uni study - exams are in just over a week and to say the least i'm freaking out just a tad..... =.`// 

HOWEVER once exams are over.. I have a little project planned for my blog which I hope will excite everybody and if you are a family/friend of mine be stoked, because it involves me cooking for y'all over this winter break!! Alright I don't want to reveal too much more but there's a little sneak peak ^ hehe

so for all of you having any deadlines soon/exams just like myself good luck guys, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!! 

thank you all for reading and don't forget to follow me on instagram for daily updates. 

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