June 14, 2013


I didn't really know about this site until I was casually browsing the app store one day and decided to just download it.. 

Posse, recommending "the best places in the world" (not limited to food) its a little similiar to Urbanspoon but needless to say its a lot more appealing.

Run by CEO Rebekah Campbell the relaunch of Posse in Australia has been great and thank you so much Rebekah!!

You start off by creating a 'street' where you add all the food places you've been to on the street, writing small reviews for each one. The more reviews you write the more points you accumulate and the more streets you are allowed to add! Creating your own virtual food world - its really cool!!! 

I love the set up of the site and its very easy to use - definitely recommend all foodies sign up now!

so.. what are you waiting for? 
create an account now!

photography courtesy of mumbrella

for more information about Posse and Rebekah visit their blogs! 

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