June 2, 2013

Clarences Bar & Restaurant

Hi All!!

This weekend, I had a quite relaxed time - studying, sleeping and eating....

Last night me and my sister went to the Astor Theatre to watch San Cisco perform, with opening acts Chaos Chaos and Millions. 

Chaos Chaos are a duo - sisters from Brooklyn, NYC. Asy is the main vocalist and keyboarder whilst Chloe also sings but plays the drums as well. They were very good and particularly loved Chloe's drumming, it was insanely good and Asy vocals when they sang their cover of Closer was brilliant!! 

Chaos Chaos (Asy & Chloe) 

Unfortunately.. that is where the fun ended for both me and my sister, we weren't really feeling the 'vibe' more or less Millions lacked stage presence and the atmosphere felt quite dead... this was carried on to the main performance of the night - San Cisco. So after watching SC play for half hour as a few others around us were leaving we decided to leave the concert as well... really sorry guys. 

After that we felt quite hungry and wanted to go chill at nice warm cafe, walked pass a pub, bar and a few cafes until we finally strolled past Clarences. 

It was quite dark from the outside but peeping in through the windows the decor of the place and the atmosphere really caught my attention so we decided to walk in! 

The Bar and Restaurant is open til midnight and filled with booths along the side of the place and a long table in the middle for larger groups, then extending to the back where the main bar is situated there are more tables and also an outdoor area. 

Clarences was filled with people, it had a nice ambience to it and I was so glad we walked in and sat down. We ordered two drinks, a bowl of chips and a dessert to share between the two of us. It was very good and although the price for the dessert was a bit steep, we enjoyed the food and drinks! 

Below are pictures of the decor and the food/drinks we had!! 

from L to R: Cheeky Rascals Strawberry and Apple Cider,
Baked white chocolate and hazlenut cheesecake, hot chips w/ aioli
and tomato sauce and my sister glass of sparkling.
Overall, I had a good night wish we had reached Clarences a little earlier to try their roast pork belly main but that will now have to be enjoyed another time not too far away.. hopefully! 

Photography courtesy of myself, interviewmagazine and yelp

For more information about Chaos Chaos visit chaoschaosmusic.com

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For more information about Clarences visit their site @ clarences.com.au

like their fb page @ /clarences.bar.beaufort
follow them on twitter @ clarencesbar
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hope you guys enjoyed my blog post, feel free to leave any comments or questions and have a great week xxxxxx

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  1. One of my favourite place of all time clarences! Go on Monday night sometime for chicken parmigiana special Tuesday mussels night and Wednesday is meatball haven! Ooo and their warm cider is delish as well as their peanut butter ice cream cookie thing (which you can share with two-four ppl comfortably!)

  2. @misstina awesome!! Yeah im keen to go back, so many items on the menu I want to try!! :D