April 21, 2013

Cuppa Joe's

Hi all!! Sorry its been so long since my last post.. I've been incredibly busy with uni work and other weekend outings I haven't found much time to actually sit at my computer to blogspot :c

I promise that things are going to change and i'm making a goal to post at least once a week!! 

This morning I accompanied my sister to her stair challenge raising money for MS! At the tallest skyscraper in Perth - Central Park. She climbed 1,103 stairs (53 flights).

After the challenge we decided to pick up some groceries from the store and stop off at Cuppa Joe's for brunch!! 

Located in the heart of North Perth - 7 Scarborough Beach Road

Definitely a great place to catch up with friends over a coffee and breakfast, theres couches at the back, low tables on the sides and high seat tables in between! The service is really friendly and food was yummy!! 

My sister decided to get the "Avocado Heaven" 

slices of feta, cherry tomatoes and avocado on sourdough bread with extra bacon and poached egg on the side.
 However I was feeling a little indulgent and ordered the 
"Eggs Benedict" w/ a pot of T2's green rose tea

two poached eggs, bacon, baby spinach leaves and topped off with hollandaise sauce on sourdough bread.

Photography courtesy of moi

for more information about cuppa joes visit their website @ cuppa-joe

like their fb page @ /cuppajoecaffe

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Was a lovely brunch and I look forward to going back soon! 

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