December 23, 2013

my birthday x christmas list '13


It is indeed that time of the year already..... CHRISTMAS 2013! 
This year has really just gone by so quickly for me.... what about you?!

Anywho! I was doing some last minute gift wrapping and online browsing last night of all the things I would love for Christmas and would maybe buy with my birthday money this year... so I decided I would share these items with you guys! 

I am a big fan of cookbooks and food photography and this book...... there has already been three occasions now where I deliberately walk into Dymocks in the city just so I can read and flick through the book. I love the layout of the book, the photography is breath-taking and the recipes!!!!!! 

(picture: Donna Hay)

I admire Donna Hay so much for the amazing food author and stylist she is and omg this is definitely hands down my favourite cookbook out of her collection! 

 number two. The Fossil 'Cecile' watch

(picture: Fossil)

Long story short, my parents wanted to buy me a watch as my birthday/Christmas gift and I've always loved the Fossil designs! Although my watch is actually a stainless steel silver one the facing and crystal 'crusting' of this white one is the same design! I love it so much and I can't wait to wear it on Christmas day :3 

number three. Daily diary/journal/planner 2014 - Petit a Petit


(pictures: scissorpaperstone eBay)

For what seems like years now I've been using the kikki. K. diaries yearly however this year I found another one on eBay that immediately caught my eye and I fell in love with it!! It is the Petit a Petit diary, it comes in such a wide range of colours and two excellent sizes! My sister agreed to buy it for me because she knows France is one of my favourite countries in the world and I may have subtly hinted to her that I wanted it ;-) I'm so excited to use it in 2014!! 

number four. summer dresses

( pictures:1.ASOS CURVE black swing dress w/ floral detail 2.DP Fan Playsuit

3.A&Y heart skater dress 4. DP Red floral dress 
5. A&Y swing dress in spot 6. NL Inspire daisy lace dress 7. ASOS Curve dress in bird print 
8. NL Inspire black floral tea dress )

Usually in summer I love wearing shorts, tshirts and a pair of vans or converse shoes but this year I've started to like the idea of wearing summer dresses too! There are heaps of plus size dresses on ASOS, NEW LOOK INSPIRE AND DOROTHY PERKINS ^.^ and these are my favourite picks!! Aside from no. 7 (already ordered it) I'm pretty excited to get my birthday money and buy myself some more summer frocks :3 

number five. wall art/furniture

Last but not least.. for the past year I have been slowly getting new furniture for my room!! starting with my bed :') and I've been searching around on the interwebs for some cute accessories to try and 'complete' it! 

(pictures: 'la ville de l'amour' TYPO canvas , UO Elephant bookends , UO love bunnies ring holder , UO Helping hands jewellery dish , UO Metal 'candle' holder , IKEA Expedit shelving unit )

So.. there you have it! These are my top 5 important things I want this Christmas/ for my birthday! Let me know whats on the top of your wish list in the comments below! 

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