September 30, 2013

**special monday post** - The Metropolitan Disorder


how was your weekend? or shall I say LONG weekend for all my perth readers????.. uni has been without a doubt very busy/stressful and I don't think it'll be getting any better until DECEMBER! *cries*

Last Friday I visited my high school for my sister's last school art exhibition. She finally showcased her final piece that will be the centre of her portfolio, and this has been a project she has been working on all year. YAY ITS FINALLY FINISHED!!! 

I'm so proud of her, she's a brilliant and creative arty gal and she also won the creative art prize for her class/year. fingers crossed she also wins the subject prize????? :3 

I now proudly introduce "The Metropolitan Disorder" 


 The time pressured nature of the urban world is known to induce loneliness and anonymity and cause detrimental impact on the human psyche. I have embodied this notion in my work through the use of sequential narrative on a series of chalk pastel portraits drawn onto wood with an overlay of engraved cityscape drawings. The transparent acrylic glass allows you to look into the protagonists recollections of untamed visions of the city in correlation with his mental state. These progressively zoomed close ups establish a claustrophobic atmosphere reflective of city life. Inviting you to personally feel involved in his increasingly heightened emotions of anxiety and despair.

The youthful protagonist and panoramic cityscape represents my personal concerns about people of my own generation in association with the ever growing population density of cities. His blazer and collared shirt symbolises how the youth adhere to idealised urban lifestyles only to become displaced and anonymous. The negligence of the individual in dense cities reveals the decay of personal identity that comes with living in the urban world. I’ve expressed this idea through the overlayed panorama of convoluted alleyways and dominating towers, for they enhance the reality that future generations are endangered to losing ultimately who they are as mentally distraught victims of the concrete jungle. This is epitomised by the Caduceus symbol warped into a light pole. Incorporation of common street signs such as the blocked phone symbol conveys the failure of human connection in the urban world. My major influence came from my bus journeys into the city as I’d often contemplate how people move to cities to be involved with more people, but ironically, they feel alone. I’ve manipulated this voyeuristic experience from behind the graffiti riddled bus windows by using engraving tools to emphasise the permanent chaos of city living.”

- Gabriella Loo (2013)

to my bbygurl im so proud of you and your creative art talents! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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