August 31, 2013

goodbye winter 13

hey everybody!

How's your last week of winter *cries* been? 
This week I've been busy with uni assignments, exercising and getting my diet on track (about 15% there..) and trying to save money for my trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - read below for more info ;-)

I love winter, although its messy because of the rain.. I much prefer it over summer! I love layering, putting on my jacket/aa hoodie and a snood. The sun is just too hot for me and I hate how dark I end up getting my feb/march... no spf is good enough in Perth :'(

now for more information about trip.. 

 Yesterday I arranged the final touch ups to my booking and things are now official and paid for 
*balloons, streams* *jumps up and down*
honestly this trip started off as just a casual oh lol.. lets just see how much it would be to NYC on expedia.. I see the price and i'm thinking thats quite a good deal.. ? Sat down with my parents, asked around to some of my mates and eventually after a bit of searching I found the perfect person to go with! I'm very excited... sadly my budget cuts include not eating out very frequently but!! more incentives to make healthy food at home and post up more recipes.. yeah?? WIN WIN WIN.

Hope everyone has a swell weekend and adios amigos!


p.s. last saturday afternoon @ claremont quarter with my sister for Pippa McManus' SS 13 art workshop series.

lol @ my drawing/painting.. I haven't done any art since primary school! 

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