August 26, 2013

CNR Kitchen


my apologies for the absence on my blog.. 

A few weeks ago, Silvia and I went out on a Sunday to do some studying at the library. Before we began we decided to get breakfast @ CNR Kitchen.

Food: Veg Mex and CNR Mexican Brekkie

Drinks: Cappuccino and Long Mac

CNR is located underneath the Northbridge Piazza on James Street. 

They are open for breakfast and lunch daily and dinner is also served on friday nights. 

The food was good and the service is always very friendly but honestly.... this place used to be in my top 8 in Perth. After this visit i'm thinking I need to re-evaluate my choice. 

For starters their long mac was the worst I've ever had. I don't know what happened.. but all I know is that it tasted so weird and bitter even if was topped up it was just no, a horrible coffee. Your not allowed to make any substitutions - you can't even request for poached instead of fried. 

For a cheaper cafe where breakfast was maybe $15 pp that would be understandable, but we both paid roughly $25 each for a plate and coffee.. I don't understand how they can't let the customers even change the style of eggs.. The excuse of a busy or quality service is purely unacceptable tbh.

CNR Kitchen (cnr James + Lake) on Urbanspoon

alright.. heading off now for my first class of the week. Talk to y'all soon XXXXXXX

P.S. Quite recently I encountered an issue with one of my photos from my Gordon St Garage post. I had uploaded this picture onto Urbanspoon as well. An instagram user decided to take my photo and upload it to their account. The user did not state that they had taken the photo from GSGs Urbanspoon and essentially they made it look like they had taken the photograph. 

I want to let all my viewers and visitors to understand that I have a copyright against my blog. Please if you would like to take any of my content in particular photos, at least credit/link my blog source underneath the picture or at the end of your post.

It is a serious offence to claim somebody else's content. For any further information visit my copyright page or contact me @

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