July 30, 2013

last week of uni break

hi everyone 

sadly.. this is now the last week of my 'long' mid year uni holidays. It felt so long at first and now I'm dreading the start of uni and starting my second year units!! 

I've got two accounting, one math and a core management unit this semester and its pretty fair to say i'll be studying A LOT more this semester. On top i'll be trying to save my money for a much needed vacation (still planning/dreaming) and looking out for a part-time job. I love my parents but I don't think just a supermarket job for seven years counts as enough experience on my CV. 

I'm not going to start telling you I'm a fitness guru and start preaching about how healthy is a lifestyle blah blah.. but I've always had troubles keeping a good nutritious eating habit. So in order to help me conquer my bad temptations and reduce my weight, I'll be posting frequent recipes of the healthy food I make etc! 

hehe thanks for reading and have a great week everybody :3 


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