July 7, 2013

iHerb order review/first vlog!!!


I just got back from the movies - ended up watching the Internship, was quite good and very funny!! YOYOS MY FAVE!

Now.. I was very hesitant when I decided to film a vlog about my order, being quite scared, and camera shy! But all my friends really encouraged me to go for it so I decided to upload it! 

To redeem your $10 iHerb voucher (for all first time users only) please follow this link here!

For links to all the products I bought in my order refer to the links below (unfortunately I can only link up to 10 products at a time so I split the order into two links):

I really hope you enjoyed my first vlog / iHerb review, please leave any comments and questions below! 

for more information about iHerb, visit their website here!!

like their fb page @ iHerb
follow them on instagram @ iherbinc
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to visit my 1st iHerb post please click here

thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend so far, one day left MAKE THE MOST OF IT !!! xxxxxx

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