July 6, 2013

ACE Pizza

Hi guys!

How's your week been? Any weekend plans? I'm so glad its finally the weekend, caught up with amazing friends today and making paleo granola tomorrow and seeing Despicable Me 2! 

Last night I caught up with my homegurls Ele and Nikki! We decided to try a new place owned by the same creators of local favourites El Publico and Cantina 663 comes ACE Pizza....

Located just a block away from the main populated area of Beaufort Street, ACE holds a small yet buzzing restaurant full of people at ALL TIMES, I recommend calling in advance to book a table! Sadly we had the misfortune of arriving and waiting 20 minutes after our booking time for a table (with hungry tummies at 8:30pm - not too desirable..).

ACE also tricked a few people.. The entrance actually around the side from the frontage, fooled a few restaurant goers tonight. We saw quite a few expecting the front door to open, standing there trying to pull only to realise the metal plaque staring them in the face reads 
"THAT WAY PEOPLE -->" haha!

The decor walking into ACE was amazing! A mix between retro and a nyc manhattan loft with a light up signage, booths along the side and antique style arches. Very appealing and the service was also very friendly and informative.

Now onto the food (best part)...

Ele and I decided to share a pizza, ordering the Baby Blue Eyes ($20)! Topped with tomato, mozzarella, ACE house made sausage, kale and garlic oil. I particularly loved the ACE h-m sausage and the combo with kale was delicous!!

I also ordered a side dish of the fried mac n cheese ($7) , it tasted amazing, cheesy and oh the crispy outside to tell you the truth just thinking about it makes me salivate!! If you haven't yet tried it, definitely recommend you order it & share!

Nikki ordered Dad's Lasagna w/ beef tail ($22), apart from the dish already looking and smelling quite spectacular. The taste of the beef tail filling was very tender, hearty and the soft pasta sheets in between cooked al dente, just melted in your mouth!!
Finally it was time for desserts! We decided to all get the ACE soft serve ($7) and a cheeky tiramisu donut ($5) on the side!
Served on a platter w/ side sauces of chocolate ice magic & salted caramel and honeycomb shards and crushed biscotti toppings, this has easily become the best soft serve in Perth!!

I had a great time dining at ACE and thank you to the staff for all the amazing food, definitely will be coming back soon!! 

photography courtesy of moi

for more information about ACE Pizza 
visit their website @ ACE PIZZA

like their fb page @ acepizzahighgate
follow them on instagram @ acepizza
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thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!! xxxxxxxxx

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