June 25, 2013

winter/holiday cleaning


(´・ω・ `)
for years now.. I have been sleeping on a king single, that has broken springs, the base is split in the middle.. and theres a metal rod of some kind from one of the springs that is sticking out on the left side that constantly jabs me every time I turn over to that side of the bed..
now.. finally after TWO AND A HALF YEARS of complaining, whinging and nagging to my parents (I've even gone to bed showrooms during that time but they never bought me a bed because the price was either too high or they weren't satisfied with my choice or they just didn't feel like getting me a new one). 



I'm beyond excited to get the my ikea delivery in the mail.. okay now I know that most people would say Ikea looks really pretty but the quality is quite the opposite but I decided to give it ago, I've got reassurance from the staff that it will be absolutely durable and if i'm not happy I can take it back! 
Still in the process of cleaning out old drawers and sorting out all kinds of bits and pieces. Some for donation, some for the bin and some for my memory box (yes I'm quite the horder, I keep all my cinema tickets, concert tickets, birthday cards and wrapping paper). Sadly.. didn't quite get them to buy me the bedside tables, new dresser and textiles.. but I shall buy them myself soon once I save up enough money from my uni break shifts! 

I'll keep y'all updated w/ my room and i'll be take pictures along the way as I go, from dusty, unorganised and plain messy to some what coordinated, organised and clean!

thank you for reading and hope your monday wasn't too bad! 


  1. Oh you poor child. Where did you sleep all those years?!

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