June 24, 2013

iHerb order


YAY!!! I'm finally exam free and on official semester break :)
I hope you all have had a splendid weekend are getting ready to start the new week fresh and energetic!!! Onto my blog post... 

After months of procrastination and just adding stuff to my cart (but never purchasing)- I decided to finally make my first iHerb order. There were so many things I wanted to buy including Hurraw! lip balms, Peanut Butter & Co. & Justin's Almond Butter!

I managed to get 15 items with  DHL express international shipping for $83.56 !! 

I'm so excited to receive all my products I ordered and do a full review and hopefully make my first blog/youtube video.

Videos are something i've tried to do in the past and tbh i've just never plucked up enough courage to actually upload them and give it ago so this will another step for me...

In the mean time.. if you would like to order from iHerb and receive a $10 first order discount please you use my referral code below!


or click this link

Really recommend everybody to go visit iHerb! They've got an amazing range of products, in particular health specialty goods and there's bound to be something you love! The shipping rates are really low as well as the prices of the products and with a $10 introductory discount offer what's not to love?? 

for more information about iHerb visit their official site

like their fb page @ iHerb
follow them on twitter @ iHerb
follow them on instagram @ iherbinc

Hope everybody has a great week and to all those still studying for those gruelling exams.. GOOD LUCK YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS! 


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    1. YES!! There's so much good and healthy food products on the site and A LOT cheaper buying through iHerb than here in Perth... :D