June 3, 2013

Greens & co.

Hi everybody (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Its Monday but for WA its a public holiday yay! 
Last night me, my sister and my cousin decided to take a little trip over to the local cafe on Oxford Street "Greens and Co" - with Perth been very chilly and cold these past few days it was just what we needed, a warm coffee and big yummy slices of cake.


Greens and co is definitely a great place to chill and catch up with friends. I particularly like how they've got all kinds of concert, movie and festival posters covering all the walls, comfy couches and and DIY tables with wood planks and milk crates. 

All cakes are priced at 7.50 each and they are well worth the price, personally I would recommend the lime brulee - AMAZING. 
There were so many delicious cakes in the display, we opted for three and a cheeky extra slice to share between the three of us! 

Green plate: Lime Brulee, Blue Plate: Tiramisu,
Blue Plate: Honeycomb Brulee and Purple Plate: Chocolate Marquisse
Overall I like Greens and co and would definitely recommend it!
The warmth, free wifi and furniture makes it a local favourite!

Photography courtesy of myself, gastronomicallychallenged and nileguide

For more information about Greens & Co visit their urbanspoon @ 

Hope you all have a fabulous week 

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