June 8, 2013

Hippos Creek

Decided to take a mini 'study break' :3 

Here is a photo from Hippos Creek, went there for a dinner a few months ago but never go around to uploading it..

one of the best meat and wine restaurants in Perth if you ask me! Hippos Creek - South African cuisine, located in three great locations around Perth. Hilary's, Subiaco and Waterford. 

Waterford's Hippo Creek is located just opposite from Curtin University, has great specials/deals every day of the week and they are well worth a try. 

photography by moi

be sure to checkout Hippo's Creek website for more info @ hippocreek.com.au

like their fb page @ /hippocreekgrill
follow them on twitter

okay.. so back to studying now `.-"
have a great weekend and long weekend for all those who live on the east coast!!!! 

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