May 26, 2013

eventful weekend!

heya guys!! 

How was your weekend? 

Mine was to say the least very eventful! 

had a chilled night on Friday watching Steve kardynal amongst other funny and interesting videos on youtube :)

Saturday, I woke up started my studies for uni exams coming up (less than a month to go!!1 stress levels are slowly increasing) and went out for a friends birthday! 

We first went to Isdonburi (Jap place located next to Jus Burgers on William St) for dinner and I had a grilled salmon sushi roll w/ mango, beetroot and other condiments I cant exactly remember but it was very tasty :3 

Grilled Salmon Roll (14.50)

We then after finding my friend who decided to go missing for a little bit after dinner (got a bit scared as she wasnt exactly sober haha) walked to the Mechanics Institute Bar!

Located in the laneway connected to the end of James St, its a small bar with a rooftop and cute light bulbs! Me and D had an awesome smoking Tommy's off their drinks list which changes every night or so and E decided to go for a vodka/lemon lime bitters w/ chips from flipside!! I never used to be a fan of very strong drinks/cocktails in general but I quite like the smoking tommys it had a really good taste and punch to it so i happily paid the price!! The music at Mechanics is really good too, its old school but i'm a fan of 80s/90s/early 2000s music so I enjoyed the atmosphere and I'd definitely recommend you guys all go check it out!! 

With the place been so small by 9:30ish or even a little earlier you may have to expect a wait to get inside, the lines get quite long and bars get quite busy but I assure you its worth it :) especially if you sit near the heater omg me and E could've sat there forever just talking and having a good night!!

Of course the night did not end there... we hadn't even gotten to Air yet (birthday girl's birthday). whilst still at mechanics D ran off again and so we left mechanics after a while and made a plan to meet up in half hour which gave us time to go chill somewhere else and we opted for san churros (NOT A GOOD IDEA...)
While we were at san churros we decided we'd just order a strawberry bowl - strawberries and melted dark chocolate. 

Finally it was 10:30 and we headed to Air and met up with D! 
We got inside and wished Courtney the birthday girl a happy birthday!! Then as we went to go order drinks and E bought a tequila shot and I ordered a Jaegerbomb I started feeling really ill and sick so I told D she could have it instead. Little did I know after visiting the toilet.... THAT STRAWBERRY BOWL FROM SAN CHURROS HAD BEEN THE CAUSE. hahahahaha. It may have just been that night but I won't be having fruit or chocolate from San Churros Northbridge for a while.. We stayed at Air for a little longer then it was home time! 11:30 and mum and my sister came to pick me up (I was very glad to be going home haha).

The night was probably not the best night tbh but very eventful

Now its Sunday and I woke up around 2pm after a very long and great sleeeeeeep! I'm ready to start the new week!! 

photography courtesy of myself, mechanics institute bar and agendacity

For more information about the Mechanics Institute visit their wordpress site @

Like their page of FB @ /mechanicsinstitutebar

Hope you all have a great week!! 


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